Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Glorious Sunflowers

I recieved a link in a text from a friend.  The link took me to Palm Beach Sunflowers.  Please follow them if you live in the area.  When I had a closer look, I only had 3 days left to visit them before the flowers were no longer pretty.....they begin to wilt, dry and drop seeds.  These particular sunflowers are grown for making sunflower oil.  This was their first experiment growing the flowers as an attraction to the public and it was wildly successful.  Good for them!  I was so impressed, I went twice.  You can also pick the flowers at $1 a flower, I think if you have a few tiny ones they'll give them to you for free. 
Friday February 17th is the day I went with my son and his friend, Frank and I went the next day, and Sunday was their last day.  So by following them, they will announce when they plant the seeds and 45 days after that, they will open the field of sunflowers to the public.  The flowers only bloom for 2 weeks, so don't miss it next year!  It's worth it.
The flowers are dying...but still so pretty.

Back lit beauty

Majestic against the blue sky

My American boy
LOL....looks like he's got fumes coming out of his ears.

Always a willing subject.

One of my favorite shots

My all time favorite shot

LOL, he's got a sunny personality.


My other son, Frank. 

I can't find my macro lens!!

The next day, I joined the girls and a random stranger took this photo for us.

Jenn, Dawn and Monica

Don't forget their backs....also beautiful.

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