Wednesday, March 8, 2017


When I found out my aunt, uncle and cousins were going to be in Barbados, I had to go.  They live in England and New Jersey and what a great place to meet up with them, so I made plans.  I hadn't been to Barbados in just over 2 years, so it was really good to be back.  I had to balance my time between family and friends.  I think I did quite well.
Lots of photos in this post.
Family.  L to R.  Simon, Deborah, Wendy, Timothy, Woody, Gwyn and me

The blood relatives.  2nd Cousin Deborah, Aunty Wendy, 1st Cousin Timothy, Grandfather Woody and me.

How sweet that she actually stood still long enough for a photo.

LOL, she had enough.

Possibly the ugliest cake in the world and I made it for Simon.  Happy birthday Simon!

Khloe, Ava and Simon blowing out Simon's birthday candles.

Barbados is just beautiful.  I can never get enough of her beauty.

Visiting Earthworks.  Click on the link to check out what they make. A great place to buy local pottery. 

Deborah found these fun glasses in her condo. 
It might be too late for Christmas, but it's never too late for fun!

This network of roots is quite amazing.  The trees are alive and well yet the roots are exposed from the years of wind and sea and all that nourishes the trees are rain, sun and air and a bit of sand.

These girls.....I miss them so much.  Ava and Khloe.

A new brew in town.  Different beers named after popular locations around the island.  For those of you who love IPAs and strong hoppy beer, this is for you.  Personally, I'll leave it.  Yuck.
Beautiful Barbados.  No filter.  None needed.

My dear friend, Natasha.

Gwyn and Deborah at Port St. Charles.

Manny and I at Animal Flower Cave.  This is owned and run by Manny.  Related by marriage.

Barbados black belly sheep being herded down the road.  They knew where they were going.



A small cave under some rocks at Bathsheba