Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Grenadines

This is definitely a trip that one can never get tired of.  Last year we went on a catamaran down to the Grenadines.  Four boats with friends.
This year came with a few hurdles, but we still went and enjoyed ourselves.  Dereck wasn't sure he could get the time off, but it all worked out.

Tyler and I went to St. Lucia for a week before our trip and the first 3 photos were taken in St. Lucia when Tyler and I went on a kayak to the next bay south of TiKaye.

As usual, the waters were crystal clear and refreshing.  We didn't do much snorkeling this year and we could only stay a week, but that was plenty.
Check out the photos of our fun trip.
Prior to sailing, Tyler and I spent time at TiKaye and kayaked around the bay.

Simply beautiful 
Waterfall in the next bay south of TiKaye

Andre climbed up the tree for some coconuts.

Petit Rameau in the Tobago Cays.  Jake getting ready to foil.


Myself and Jess looking at turtles.  Photo credit:  Kane Camacho

Tyler looking like 007 on a mission.

A shallow sandbank in the Cays.  Jess and Dereck. Our chartered boat in the background.

Andre and the duck 
Pulling into Frigate Bay.  Emma and Tyler.

The boys with Jess.