Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Glorious Sunflowers

I recieved a link in a text from a friend.  The link took me to Palm Beach Sunflowers.  Please follow them if you live in the area.  When I had a closer look, I only had 3 days left to visit them before the flowers were no longer pretty.....they begin to wilt, dry and drop seeds.  These particular sunflowers are grown for making sunflower oil.  This was their first experiment growing the flowers as an attraction to the public and it was wildly successful.  Good for them!  I was so impressed, I went twice.  You can also pick the flowers at $1 a flower, I think if you have a few tiny ones they'll give them to you for free. 
Friday February 17th is the day I went with my son and his friend, Frank and I went the next day, and Sunday was their last day.  So by following them, they will announce when they plant the seeds and 45 days after that, they will open the field of sunflowers to the public.  The flowers only bloom for 2 weeks, so don't miss it next year!  It's worth it.
The flowers are dying...but still so pretty.

Back lit beauty

Majestic against the blue sky

My American boy
LOL....looks like he's got fumes coming out of his ears.

Always a willing subject.

One of my favorite shots

My all time favorite shot

LOL, he's got a sunny personality.


My other son, Frank. 

I can't find my macro lens!!

The next day, I joined the girls and a random stranger took this photo for us.

Jenn, Dawn and Monica

Don't forget their backs....also beautiful.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cordes sur Ciel

Well this place was certainly a gem.  Didn't expect to go here nor did we plan it.  It was a spontaneous and very quick visit.  I think we stayed an hour.  Cordes-sur-Ciel has to be my most favourite place in France.  Approaching the city from the car was like a magical scene.  It's perched on the top of a hill just like that.  Gorgeous.  Like nothing else I've ever seen in France on this whole trip.  It was our last day and we sealed it with visiting the most amazing place.  It was built around 1222 by Raimon VII, Count of Toulouse.  It is the first bastide ever to be built.  I hope to return to this magical place and spend a day here.
Turquoise shutters!!!!  OMG!!  Love! 

Just beautiful

Walking up to the top on a cobbled road.  Yes, road.  Cars use this road all the time.

Almost there...
Another amazing blue door.

Love these old stone planters.
I don't think anybody is home.

There was nobody in this gallery.  I assume the photos on the wall is the artist and possibly, owner.  Unique studio.  Check out that wonky bridge in the doorway.

Another part of the unique gallery.  You can see another photo of the owner/artist.

Again, this big carving in the most intriguing gallery.

Smile!!  We're all on camera!  Dereck, Gary and Laurie.  I met Laurie 2 days before we left.  So glad to have met her, we had some fun times together.

A glimpse into the past.  I'm not sure if the upper part of this building is lived in or even what it used to be, but what a glorious sight.

I just LOVE all the old doorways and brickwork.  This amazing town must have some fantastic stories to tell.

Cordes cat.

Alas, we had to leave.

Driving by as we departed Cordes.

Bye bye Cordes.....I hope to see you again.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


So after being totally amused by driving through Condom, we carried on to Bordeaux.  We booked this B&B L'Echoppe des Bouilles in the suburbs.  Oh what a gem it was.  Only 3 rooms and the place was newly renovated.  We had secure private parking off site, just a short walk and the following day, even though we had to check out, she allowed us to leave the car in the parking garage till we were ready to leave.  So accommodating and kind.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of where we stayed. 
Bordeaux was so busy, lots of people all over.  I have learned that Bordeaux doesn't have a tourist season.....because it's best known for fine wines, it's tourist season 365 days of the year. 

Bordeaux!!  We made it!

Wine City.  This is a museum of wine from the beginning of time.  It was so very interesting and after, we took an elevator to the top where we were given a glass of wine.  Such an odd building, so new and modern against the very old architecture of Bordeaux.
After his glass of wine, we went out on this open air balcony.  Too cold!

Great grafitti!


Some of these buildings though...... love the brickwork.

Tiny ally ways and amazing wrought iron balconies and windows and doors, oh my!

Santa loves to hand out in France long after he should.

Unicorns guarding a toy shop.

Love some of the old doors in France.