Sunday, January 29, 2017

Condom....I kid you not.....Condom, France

When I was planning out our trip to Bordeaux, I noticed on the map, a little village called Condom.  What the heck!!  I most definitely want to pass through Condom.
The village was extremely quiet.  I suspect that it was just lunch time and the French take lunch seriously and have at least 2 hours of rest after and so a lot of places close for that time. Actually, they also take Sunday's off.  Rest days are to be taken seriously.  I agree with them.
So here are a few photos of Condom.

On our way to Bordeaux via Condom.  Are we there yet?

A quiet Condom street

City Center, Condom

City Center, Condom

Another quiet street in Condom

Condom, France

Inside a cathedral, Condom
This proves I was in Condom. 

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