Friday, January 27, 2017


We drove south to Carcassonne, a citadel that sits on top of a hill with lots of watchtowers and double wall protection.  It was first built in Gallo-Roman times.  It went into disrepair and in later centuries was rebuilt.  One part is a paid tour that explores the inner ramparts.  There are many shops, restaurants and a Best Western that makes up the city as well as a grand cathedral.  The only part we weren't able to figure out how to see was the amphitheater.  Because it's January, most of the shops, cafes and restaurants were closed.  At least the lines for the tour of the fort and getting seated in a restaurant were short and quick.
Entering Carcassonne.  I waited for the modern day truck to drive through the drawbridge.  Old meets new. 

It was very windy and very cold.

Ahhhh, lens flare.

View of the ramparts

Cathedral within the walls of Carcassonne
Gorgeous stained glass window inside the cathedral.

hahaha, a traffic light!!  How odd.  The roads are so narrow.

Pigeon hole POV
Piggy back time!!!
Upward and onward!!!
One of the slots in the watch tower that they'd fire arrows from back in the day while a gargoyle watches over.

On the way out, Dereck had this idea.....

Outside the city walls there's an above ground cemetery with a grounds keeper that has a cat!! 

Sunset behind the cemetery

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