Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I haven't visited Antigua in 10 years, so I was truly excited to be there.  Shannon and Andre were getting married and we had to be there.  A very different wedding.  Boats, sun, sea, swimsuits, love.  Doesn't get much better than that.

Four days before the wedding, the ladies hosted a shower for Shannon at this glorious house on the water.  The theme was Hawaiian/Polynesian and we were asked to rock our floral tops, shorts, dresses, skirts....whatever.
After Shannon opened her gifts which were all wonderful items to fill her kitchen, her sister and friends performed a hula dance for her.  We ended up doing a congo line around the pool and naturally some of us ended up in the pool.

I also met up with some friends that I have not seen in a very long time, I'll start with them.
This is Lindsey.  We have not seen each other in about 20 years. 

This is Gregory, I see him every so often.....not often enough.  The smut talk and laughs we have are always memorable!

This is so random, but how wonderful!

Giselle looking out onto a sea of gold. 

At the bridal shower with Jess and a bunch of other wonderful women.

Shannon surprised about something.  Actually I think it was the remark from India who didn't want Heather throwing out the gift bag she had her gift to Shannon in.  So Heather is rummaging though the garbage bag for it.  LOL

Shannon in the middle of the hula dancers after their performance.  Brilliant performance, ladies!

and....they're in!!
My dear friend, Martha whom I have not seen in close to 10 years!  She shows up to pick me up wearing a white wig.  Nutter!  So we stopped for a mini photo shoot wearing the bag of wigs in her van.  Sweet!

Not even together for 10 minutes and we are up to silliness.  Everything is so easy and fun with Martha.

I DO's in paradise

Live music as the bride and groom walk down the sandy aisle.


It's official now!

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Andre Philip

The reception aboard Wadadli Cats. 

Bridal shoot like no other.

Reception on the beach.

Emma, Jess and I.  Cheers!

Who's this awesome dude rocking the unicorn?

hmmm....looks like someone got hold of my camera.  

Muh new friend, Heather!  She wotless!!

See what rum does!

Mmmmm the cakes.

Stevie, Dre and Dereck #tonalife

Emma tending the bar.
One of the best weddings ever!  So casual, but meaningful.  Fun and serious at the same time.  No ties, jackets, high heels.....none of that.  Just love.  Exactly how it's meant to be.
Click on the link below to see a short video that summed up the wedding and the day after.

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