Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Dereck had work to do in Toulouse and so we flew there via Amsterdam, a place I have never been to before.  Even in winter, Amsterdam night scene is alive and busy.  The waft of weed that billows through the air is astounding.  I knew weed was legal, but never expected to smell it as much as cigarette smoke.  The stoners smoke from sunrise to well into the wee ours of the night. 
On Saturday, I wore my pussy hat to honor the women of America who participated in the women's march in Washington D.C.  If I wasn't visiting Amsterdam, I would have been in Washington with my fellow sisters marching for a good cause.
A fabulous display of tulips. 

Behind us is the crowd to see the tulips.  Wearing my pussy hat! A movement to stand up for women's rights.  A movement to stand up against Trump's misogynistic ways. 

This is great!!  LOL!  This is in the window of a condom shop.

Typical Amsterdam scene.  A bicycle parked by a canal.

Outside Rijksmuseum by the iamsterdam sign.  This is where the women's march was earlier.

Part of the night time canal tour called Watercolors.  A few different artists created designs with lights.  This one was a beautiful lace design with fairy lights.  So delicate and pretty.

Sunrise over the city as we leave Amsterdam for Toulouse.  Goodbye Amsterdam, see you another time!

One of the exhibitions in Rijks.

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