Friday, September 23, 2016

Moab, Utah

What can I say, he swept me away on an impromptu vacation to an amazing location. We stayed at the most romantic place - a luxury tent hotel. We hiked and took in some breathtaking sights. See for yourself, although the photos don't do it justice.
Our first day, standing outside our tent.  Up relatively early and ready to explore the parks.

Our tent with a teepee, ideal for families.
Our first stop wasn't really a hiking trail.  We saw a few people on mountain bikes and ATVs.  We were so excited, we didn't care.

This place is so incredibly beautiful!
After a great hike, we sat on a ledge under a juniper tree watching a few chipmunks scurrying around.  Adorable.
Canyonlands National Park.  The winding road is Shafer Trail.  Little did we know, that the next day we'd drive up this trail.  What an amazing experience!!  This photo doesn't do it justice.  This place is vast and deep and far and huge!
Before 7:30am and after 6pm, you can get into most of the national parks for free.  We didn't know this till we drove up at 6pm and found nobody there to take our money.  Daylight was limited, but we still managed to see enough to want to return the next day.  Balanced Rock in Arches National Park, Moab, Utah.

He didn't like me sitting on the ledge at all.  There are trails below that you can drive on and camp and it can take up to 4 days to drive the whole trail.

He was a lot more comfortable with this ledge.  hahaha.

A cute little chipmunk.  This is the first time I have ever seen one. 

This looks like Arches National Park.
This is the amazing reception area of our tent hotel.  I love that there's no electricity. 
Shafers Trail again.  You can see a vehicle driving up.

Arches National Park.  Double Arch.

Rafting the Colorado River.  It was very tame.  We were both expecting an adrenaline rush, but it was drifting.  We ate at a winery, then drifted a bit more.

Exploring.  We saw some dinosaur tracks on this small hike.  Dereck's balanced rock just behind me.

Look at how big those rocks are! 

His favourite rock ever!

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