Friday, September 18, 2015


To say I felt less than human upon arrival in Australia is an understatement.  With very little sleep,  I bounced out of bed and got ready for my 7am flight out of Miami on Tuesday morning (Tuesday night Australia time).  The time difference is confusing, so bear with me.  I flew from Miami to Los Angeles and landed at 9:30am and still no sleep.  My mind was racing and wasn't able to shut down, so after a long 5 hr flight, I still got no sleep.  A friend picked me up and we ate breakfast and then hung out at her place all day till it was time for me to leave.  My flight out of Los Angeles to Sydney left at 10:20pm.  I got to the airport 2 hours prior to departure and as I checked in, I was told I needed a visa.  What??!!!  A visa?  This proved to be easy.  The agent gave me an address and using my phone, I searched for it and filled out the application form.  Within minutes, my visa appeared on her screen and she was able to check me in. 
I got seat 10C.  My first time on a lay flat bed in first class.  Yes!!  I am mentally and physically exhausted by this time and after take off, I ate my dinner, settled down with my down comforter and 2 pillows, put my seat flat and passed out for 7 hours.  wow!!  I think I could have slept more, but I was too excited. 
I landed in Sydney Thursday morning at 6:20.  Did you notice I haven't mentioned Wednesday?  Well that's because Wednesday just didn't exist for me.  Poof!  No hump day for me.  I got a short 4 day week.  I was so dazed and confused because not only am I still quite tired, but jet lagged because of the time difference.  I paced up and down Sydney airport till I found the right person who answered my question:  "Where can I purchase a ticket to the Gold Coast Airport?".  She was the right person, she gave me lots of options, one of them meant taking a bus to the domestic terminal, but I was too tired and opted to pay more for the ticket she was offering right there.....Sydney to Brisbane then take a train to the Gold Coast.  I bought a local cell phone on arrival, so I was able to call my mother who offered to pick me up from Brisbane airport.  Music to my ears!
The drive from Brisbane to where my mother lives is about 1.5 hr.
I had to find all sorts of things to do to keep me awake so my mother dragged me to the stores to buy food and show me around.  I found a yoga center walking distance from mother's house. 
Later that night, I fell asleep before 9pm and slept soundly.  Best sleep ever.  I feel human once again.
This pretty much sums up how I felt and probably looked upon arrival into Sydney.   hahahaha
I didn't take any photos the day I arrived because I was tired and brainless and just couldn't think about anything but how tired I was feeling. 
The next morning my mother took me to an art show on the beach.  It was cold and wet and a bit rainy.  But the art was good.  Here are a few photos of my favorites.

Feeling human after a good nights sleep. 

Love this one. 

This one is carved out of a big rock and there were 4 or 5 of them.  Titled Rock Stars.  Brilliant.

One of my the textures and colors.

My amazing mother

My second morning we visited a farmers market with an abundance of fresh produce. 

Lots of stands with organic produce

Big beautiful carrots

Cauliflower for tonight's snack.

I have yet to find a farmers market with as much produce in Florida as I have seen in Australia where my mother lives.

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